Bob Bautista
Bob Bautista, Founder of KMA Partnerships

Meet our founder

KMA Partnerships is the culmination of Bob Bautista’s desire to make a more positive and lasting impact on the world.

Bautista’s 30-plus-year career in for-profit business saw him rise from a draftsman to become the innovative and visionary leader of a multimillion-dollar company as its president. He acquired Brown Bunyan Moon and More (BBM&M) in 1998 and spent over a decade at the helm of its steady growth, continually recalibrating the company’s capabilities and market commitment and increasing stakeholder value. Bautista amassed a great many lessons and insights as he rebranded, re-energized and grew the company including a full vertical integration and growth of revenues from $20 million to more than $70 million.

KMA exists to help non-profits become as sought after as the for-profit business Bautista has built. It’s focus is on partnering not with every non-profit, but with the right non-profits—organizations that need KMA’s help and are a great fit with the firm’s vision and values.

Throughout his career, Bautista has always participated in charitable works and giving. An experience working with orphans in Africa in 2008 never left him, leading today to the marriage of his two passions: business and philanthropy. Bautista now puts his business talents to work advocating for the non-profit companies he most believes in: a definite win-win.

Instead of simply throwing money at the organizations he admires, today Bautista is redirecting his business acumen to devote himself full time to making the world a better place. If you’re doing the same, KMA Partnerships could be the ideal guide for your journey.

Bautista has assembled a consortium of practical specialists contributing expertise in accounting, organizational development, infrastructure, marketing, public relations, legal issues, IT, training, research analysis and temporary business support. KMA is a small operation with a large reach and a unique attitude that focuses on assembling the right people to get things done.

Bautista enjoys spending time with his family including his wife of more than 35 years, and his two children who have each gone on to marry and have families of their own, giving him his ultimate pride and joy—his five grandchildren. In addition to being an avid Dodger fan, Bautista is also active in his local church, as well as many ministries and non-profit organizations throughout his community.

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