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We’re inspired by what you do, and it’s our top priority to maximize the positive change you make in the world each day. Our approach balances pragmatism with idealism and brings the best practices of the private sector to the world of non-profits. Walking side-by-side with KMA, your organization can embrace change, find opportunities in times of crisis, adapt to changing circumstances and build the infrastructure to thrive under any conditions.

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Bob Bautista

Paving the way to better non-profits

Paving the way

KMA Partnerships’ brain trust offers high-level business consulting for non-profits striving to expand their missions through greater success. We’re here to help you do more. We’re entrepreneurs bringing a for-profit strategy to the non-profit environment. We’ve been down these roads before, and our expert insights bring clarity and define the ideal path to that success.

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"I’ve known Bob, personally and professionally, for more than five years and have witnessed his unwavering devotion to the people and projects he cares about, including a growing passion for using his business knowledge and expertise to serve non-profits. His advice and guidance have been invaluable to my own organization, Discover the World, as he has translated his extensive marketing and management experience into practical suggestions for our efforts in charitable work—helping us to be more successful in the present and more prepared for the future."

Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Millham
President, Discover the World

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